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Nyinchia Emmanuel

CEO Honest Construction Company

Coach Oliver Nshom World Class training on Public speaking has helped me greatly in life.

I have always admire public speaking right from secondary school.
So, it all all started when I discovered I could lead small groups and succeed and people were so eager to listened to me talked even the elderly ones that encouraged me to the n
search of knowledge for more speaking skill just when I was ready to start the search of that knowledge God brought you my way.

I say it’s God because I can’t explain or trace how we met.

I enrolled in Coach Oliver class with Soo much anxiety and readiness to learn n I got in with great expectations .
I must confess, by the time it was going to an end, my expectations were already met.

You were patient with me because I could hardly submit my assignment on time because of light and network issues but you were still patient with me to carry me along
I saw passion in you and I know that’s what keeps you going despite the odds.
You speak with example and that alone made me follow u because am so skeptical on who to follow
There are are many things to say but can’t type them all
After the training I have been able to speak in 6 different WhatsApp groups on different topics like standing out ,how to market yourself ,discovery the untold n others
Sir am ready to joined u as we inform the uninformed n drilling them towards living their lives to the fullest thanks I remain your student.

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