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Nyinchia Emmanuel

CEO Honest Construction Company

Coach Oliver Nshom World Class training on Public speaking has helped me greatly in life.

I have always admire public speaking right from secondary school.
So, it all all started when I discovered I could lead small groups and succeed and people were so eager to listened to me talked even the elderly ones that encouraged me to the n
search of knowledge for more speaking skill just when I was ready to start the search of that knowledge God brought you my way.

I say it’s God because I can’t explain or trace how we met.

I enrolled in Coach Oliver class with Soo much anxiety and readiness to learn n I got in with great expectations .
I must confess, by the time it was going to an end, my expectations were already met.

You were patient with me because I could hardly submit my assignment on time because of light and network issues but you were still patient with me to carry me along
I saw passion in you and I know that’s what keeps you going despite the odds.
You speak with example and that alone made me follow u because am so skeptical on who to follow
There are are many things to say but can’t type them all
After the training I have been able to speak in 6 different WhatsApp groups on different topics like standing out ,how to market yourself ,discovery the untold n others
Sir am ready to joined u as we inform the uninformed n drilling them towards living their lives to the fullest thanks I remain your student.

Nyangha Cynthia

Nyangha Cynthia

Aspiring Speaker

Helloo. Am Nyangha Cynthia and I was opportune to be part of the 10 days Master Class Public speaking program offered by Mr Nshom Oliver. This program was life changing and thanks to Mr Oliver Nshom, I learned about effective public speaking, and asked myself WHY I want to become a Public Speaker, how I can find my Niche as a Public Speaker and the Do’s and Don’ts of Public Speaking. In this Programme, I was trained and built to impact others in my community and the world through my words. Thank you sir Nshom for your endless effort to make the best in people. God bless you.

Foka sherifatu Kinyuy

Foka sherifatu Kinyuy

My name is Foka sherifatu Kinyuy..I am a teens coach and an advocate and an aspirant of public speaking.

I would like to comment on your amicable presentation during the Brand the Brand program last Saturday….

I would love to know about your public speaking projects.

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Tanwie Quintoline

My training with Coach Oliver Nshom has built a lot of courage and confidence in me. Being an introvert with so much aspiration yet wasn’t able to accomplish successfully.
I can now say with confidence that since my training with Coach I have been able to overcome my fears, speak with clarity and I’m facing my career with little or no challenges.


Ridley Mnongo

Art director

The training sessions on Public Speaking was excellent. I often say that Without confidence, your potential and abilities die in you. This is what effective communication does, builds confidence. I’m a testimony of a confident man today.

The sessions have empowered me to empower others.

I have joyfully presented on 3 different occasions to over 300people

And confidently started work as Online tutor with MINESEC

Bunje Kelly Bih

Bunje Kelly Bih


Your training your exceptional, it was so enriching and it has developed me into a great speaker, I am confident that I can speak anywhere at anytime because of the input from your training, it’s simply transformational

Ndah Euodia

Ndah Euodia

The training program Coach Oliver Nshom has boosted in me a confidence to feel free to express myself whenever I am given the opportunity

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